Cat Grooming

At Southpaw Grooming & Wellness, we understand that every cat is different. We work with you to determine would look best, and feel best for your fur baby, when it comes to their groom. All full Service cat grooming is done from top to bottom with this in mind.

We only use the best organic, biodegradable products and shampoos. We are experienced in basic, traditional grooming styles as well as lion clipping.

We know that some cats are not fond of travelling, which is why we offer grooming services for your cat, in your home. With health and wellness in mind, our goal is to eliminate stress from your cats’ grooming experience.

For accurate pricing, please call us for a consultation with our groomer. Or check out our pricing below to get a full list of services and their costs, depending on your pets’ needs and size.


Cat Grooming

Lion clip or shave down $70
Brush out $25 per 15 min.
Difficult / matted add $15
Bath brush short hair $40
Bath brush med hair $50
Bath brush long hair $60